Covid Quarantine Lesson Options

Dear Students and Families,

While your student is home, we have provided learning experiences for them to complete each day.  These lessons are intended to keep students focused and learning while away from school.  We look forward to having your child back at school soon!

Here are the steps to getting started with the daily lessons from Clever: (Visual instructions)

  1. Have your child’s Clever code ready to scan (ask your teacher if you need a new copy)
  2. Open the Clever app on your iPad  
  3. Hold up your QR code to sign in
  4. You will now be signed into Clever and can access Seesaw, Dreambox, Laililo and more

Once signed into Clever, students will access lessons by (one of the following)…

  • Seesaw: Once in the assigned Seesaw assignment, students will follow links to slides.  Once in the slides, students can click through days and lessons to watch videos and listen to books.  For grades 2-5, students will complete discussion questions on their own with pencil and paper, or with an adult.
  • Link to slides: Using the link to your grade level, students can follow along through the lessons for each day and subject.
  • Clever: Once logged into Clever, click on the “Home Learning” icon to open up the lessons in slides.

Zoom Opportunity:

Students also have an opportunity to Zoom with a district teacher each day between the hours of 9:00-10:00am and 1:00-2:00pm. This zoom opportunity is if your child needs help understanding or completing lessons.  Zoom links for each grade level:

Kindergarten  1st Grade  2nd Grade  3rd Grade  4th Grade  5th Grade

Technology Help:

If you need help with technology, families can access tech help here:

Specific Program Resources:

If your child needs help with lessons, please join one of the zoom sessions or reach out to your child’s teacher.



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