Welcome Back Eagles!

A Letter from Dr. J

Dear Willagillespie Community School Families,

My name is David Jacobson. As the principal of Willagillespie Community School,
I welcome you to the 2018-19 school year.

This is my fifth year at Willagillespie. What we have here is special. We are a community school, which means we are in “it” together. As I shore up class lists (no hints from me, no peeking yet—we’re still building and tinkering) and take another look ahead at our students, it is joyful and even tear-jerking to see so many familiar kids’ faces. You see, each spring our teachers create information cards to keep track of kids’ strengths and needs. As we plan for the next year’s class lists, we use the cards to figure out what we can do to help each child grow and build on the previous year. We lay out the whole grade level together on a big table and start mixing, matching, and building communities of students. There’s a spot on the card for a tiny school photo of each student. As I look over the cards and see those faces, I know and cheer for so many kids by their names and smiles. It is amazing. I get to watch your children grow up, year by year, season by season, with their triumphs and skinned knees, bruised friendship moments and pure joy. Let me tell you, even if you’re new to Will aG, we know our kids here. We care, deeply. One of our values is to serve every kid as though he or she is our kid. I don’t just mean like a parent would, but we identify ourselves with them. We are in “it” with them. From those first kinder afternoons when they are all drained and ready for a nap, to that last clap-out as fifth graders, together we cheer, prod, hug, teach, and treasure the children who come to us each year. I said it already, but it is amazing to be part of Willagillespie. I’m so thankful.

I hope you feel “it” when you come to school September 4th for our “Meet the Teachers” time at 12PM. I hope “it” is apparent when you and your children start school in earnest September 5th. We are in it together. We can’t wait for you to join us. Remember, we have a new start and end time: 8:30-3:00. Please read through the rest of our welcome packet to pick up the details that will serve you and your family this year.

Grow Eagles!!
David Jacobson (a.k.a Dr. J)

See the full back-to-school packet here
2018-2019 School Supply List

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