Talented and Gifted Students (TAG)

Willagillespie Community School identifies Talented and Gifted Students (TAG) as required by Oregon law and Eugene 4J School District policy and procedures. The Oregon talented and Gifted Education Act provides for the identification of K-12 intellectually or academically gifted students who have met identification criteria of 97% on either a national norm test of mental ability or an achievement test in reading or math. In addition, the criteria for identifying TAG students must include behavioral, learning and/or performance information. Eugene School District 4J, according to board policy, has also made special provisions to identify students from ethnic minorities, students with disabilities and students who are culturally different or economically disadvantaged. Our TAG building plan provides an opportunity for both parents and teachers to refer students for TAG eligibility consideration. If you believe your child may be eligible, contact your child’s teacher, our school psychologist or the school principal.

Please feel free to contact us with comments.

Youth Enrichment/TAG
Phone: 541-346-3084
FAX: 541-346-3594
Mailing Address: Box 5259 University of Oregon, Eugene, OR 97403-5259
Address: 1859 E. 15th, Eugene, OR 97403


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