OBOB Update for December 2016

The OBOB Tournament is HERE!

The Willagillespie school OBOB tournament is next Thursday, February 16. The tournament will begin around 8:30 AM, and conclude with the final battle at around 2:00 PM in the school library.

Each team will battle TWICE in the initial rounds. The 8 highest scoring teams will move on to the single-elimination bracket, eventually bringing us down to the top 2 teams, and the championship battle.

Each battle will consist of 16 questions; 8 “In-which-book” questions, and 8 “Content” questions. All questions are worth 5 points. If the correct answer is given, 5 points will be awarded to the team that was asked the question. If an incorrect answer is given, the opposing team can steal the points by providing the correct answer.

Some questions are “two-part” questions (In Which Book questions require teams to provide the book title AND author. Other questions require two answers). If a team gets only one part of a question correct, they earn 3 points. The opposing team has a chance to steal the other 2 points by providing the missing answer.

Each team will take turns having the questions asked to them. At the end of the battle, scores will be tabulated.

In the opening rounds, “winning” does not matter. Teams attempt to accumulate as many points as possible. When the top 8 teams reach the single elimination bracket, only the winners will move forward.

We are looking forward to having an awesome tournament. If you would like to come watch the semifinals and finals, they will take place in the school library beginning around 1:00.

Also, Mr. W. is looking for about 5-6 parents that are willing and able to help for the day. Parents would need to be available to help from 8:00 AM until around noon. If you can help, please contact Mr. W. at whittlesey_l@4j.lane.edu.

Thanks everyone and let’s have a GREAT tournament!

Mr. W.




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